Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can I jump in for a few photos with my dog?

A. Absolutely! I often do a “family photo” at the end, especially if things have gone really smoothly, your dog is enjoying the shoot, and we have a bit of extra time. Let me know at the beginning if you’d like to do this, and I’ll make sure to leave time for one. See examples here.

Note: Due to Covid-19, I do ask all human clients to wear a mask during the photoshoot. The only exception is for the short period (maximum 10m) while I take some photos of you with your dog.

Q. My dog is really shy/nervous/anxious. Is booking a photoshoot a good idea?

A. Short answer… Yes!

Long answer: It is surprisingly difficult to predict how a pup will respond to the environment of a photoshoot. It’s such a unique situation- the paper backdrop, the studio lights, the flash, the little popping sound… most dogs have never been in an environment quite like this, and it may take them time to adjust… but they almost always do. How much time completely depends on the dog’s personality. Some pups waltz in and immediately start posing, like they were born to model. Others take some time to warm up!

In the course of doing this work, I have learned 3 important tools when a dog is nervous:
1. Patience- I take my time, let the pup sniff around and check things out.
2. Persistence- Once it’s time to start shooting, we keep going until we find what that works for your dog!
3. TREATS- The real secret weapon.

Through my work photographing new arrivals for local rescue organizations, I have worked with many traumatized dogs who have a very good reason to distrust humans. The good news is: most dogs are food motivated and curious enough to brave the new situation, and soon they are having a great time.

Most dogs are easy, a few are challenging, but I am always determined to get beautiful photos of your dog that show their unique personality.

Q. What should I bring?

A. I keep my studio stocked with a variety of interesting snacks, but mainly I use freeze-dried beef liver. If your dog is very picky, or has digestive issues, bring their favourite treat.

If your pup is a fashion icon, bring a few wardrobe changes!

If your dog is obsessed with a particular toy or ball, bring that along.

Q. Should I do anything to prepare my dog for the photoshoot?

A. If you have a high-energy dog, I usually suggest a vigorous play session before the shoot, if possible. It may help them to focus.

Since food motivation is my main tool to capture your pup’s attention, it sometimes helps if you feed them a bit less the day of the shoot, especially if they are only moderately food motivated. I’m not talking starvation here, just a little gentle fasting.

If you get your dog groomed, you can time your shoot to your favourite stage of your dog’s coat-growth cycle. Hair growing into the eyes can make it hard to capture the full personality of your dog's face, so that's something to consider, especially for our doodle friends!

Q. I’d like to book a session with both of my dogs. Will they be together in all the photos, or separate, or a combination of both?

A. My default is to shoot them both individually as well as together, but your preference (and their cooperation!) will guide my approach. Most folks prefer a combination. Sometimes it’s tricky to coordinate, and I’ll probably get you to help out!

Q. My tiny adorable puppy isn’t totally housebroken. Is that a problem?

A. Not a problem! Get that little guy in here! I have puppy pads, and accidents are never a big deal. (This applies to dignified incontinent seniors as well!)

Q. My dog isn’t super obedient… we probably won’t be able to have a photoshoot, right?

A. Wrong! I’ve had lots of dogs who don’t yet know basic commands (usually rescues or puppies) and as long as they are food motivated, we manage just fine.

Q. Does the package include high-res copies of all the unedited photos from the session, as well as the included retouched ones?

A. My packages do not include all images from the session. Every session fee includes 5 high-res, finished photos. You get to download watermarked, low-res copies of every photo I take, so you can choose your finals (and have a memory of the whole session, bloopers and all!). Then, if you decide you would like to purchase additional images (in addition to the 5  included with the session fee) you can do so at the rate of $30 per image. I do it this way because these photos are my babies, and I carefully prepare each one, making sure it’s ready before releasing it into the world.

Q. Is there parking near the studio?
A. There is Green P parking along Queen St. West, and nearby side streets. 

Q. What is the package price for 3 dogs?
A. $500 +hst, and this includes 5 high-res images.

Q. My dog is really black… photos never show his beauty!
A. This is a great reason to come and visit- I light your pups carefully to make sure that even the most jet black of handsome devils are wickedly defined.

Q. How do I book?
A. Easy! Click here, scroll down to the button that says "Book Now!"

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