Here at Goodwolf, I have enacted a series of measures to reduce risk of contributing to COVID-19 community transmission:

  • To limit interaction, a maximum of 2 clients will accompany their pet to studio sessions. 
  • Clients will be pre-screened to ensure they have not travelled recently, or experienced symptoms of COVID-19.
  • Client and photographer will wear a mask at all times. (Clients will bring their own face covering, if you forget or are unable to  get one, I am happy to provide a disposable surgical mask.
  • Touchless entry- when you arrive, all doors will be propped open. I will close them behind you. 
  • You will have a designated seating area from which to watch the shoot. (This chair will be disinfected before and after every visit, using hospital grade disinfectant.) The location ensures physical distancing between client and photographer.
  • All doorknobs, light switches, and surfaces in the space will be disinfected before and after each session.

I am grateful to the The Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security for their Operational Toolkit for Businesses Considering Reopening or Expanding Operations in COVID-19. I highly recommend it as a resource for fellow entrepreneurs! 

I encourage questions, concerns, and suggestions regarding safety protocols. Please reach out below if you have any comments! To book your session, go here.

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